Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Teleclass Tidbit-Working with Students with ADHD

Teleclass Tidbit

One bit of advice from last night's NSGCD class "Working with Students with ADHD" presented by Sacramento organizer Holly Graff, CPO®, was one I use myself.

The "Time-Timer" clock is a cool little (or big) gadget that lets you visually see how much time you have left for a project. Also available for your computer and now an iPhone app.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Lightload towels--Earthquake kits?

I'm in the process of "field-testing" these ultra-light towels and will report on them in the coming weeks. So far, I like them. I think they will be a really great addition to earthquake preparedness kits. They come rolled into tiny "coins" (they have to be hydrated), are soft and best yet...inexpensive! My toughest critic (my 8 year-old daughter) is helping me in the testing!
See them here at Lightload Towels.
(I did receive some free review samples.)

Monday, May 03, 2010

Just for fun...more Organizing Acronyms...

Silly stuff I found on a sticky note that I had written last year.

These are possible acronyms for organizing businesses:

(Creative Organizing in Coastal Homes)

(Organizing Umpires Tirelessly!)

Sit. STAY.
(Situational Strategies for Terriers and Apsos in Yurts)
(OK I know that one is a real stretch!)

(Preferred Occupational Organizers for Cockers and Hounds)

Can you think of some more?