Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello Rockford listeners!

I will be a guest on a special edition of "Call Kira About Aging" broadcast in the Rockford, Illinois area today, Monday, March 26, 2012.  The show will be on (Midwest time) between 5-6 pm (3-4 pm California time). WNTA, 100.5 FM/1330 AM. You can listen "live" in the area or stream online.

Be sure to catch Kira's show each day this week on WNTA. You can also listen to her archived shows from KSRO 1350 AM (a wealth of information about seniors and aging) at

Our main topics will be Compulsive Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization.
Here are some great resources for more information and help on these topics.

How to find a local professional organizer with special training:
You can do a zip-code search for organizers in your area at this link (do a wider search of 75 miles or greater in less populated areas):

Websites I recommend:
  Institute for Challenging Disorganization (formerly National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization),
The ICD explores, develops and communicates information, organizing techniques and solutions to professional organizers, related professionals and the public. Referrals to professional organizers with training and experience with chronic disorganization and compulsive hoarding. Free information sheets on chronic disorganization, clutter, compulsive hoarding and the ICD Clutter-Hoarding Scale, (

Mental Health Association of San Francisco,
Great wealth of services, information and an annual Hoarding Conference open to professionals and the public.

The OCD Foundation Hoarding Website,
Provides information and assistance. It covers the definition of hoarding, professional articles on multiple aspects of hoarding, a Research Digest for hoarding related scientific papers, self help and support group articles, a hoarding/compulsive buying screening test, and useful information about this medical disorder.

Children of Hoarders,
Site with information, resources and links for children of hoarders, family and friends. Very comprehensive. Lists therapists, organizers, hoarding task forces by state and local area.

Squalor Survivors,
Created by a former “messie” with resources, information, and support for those living in squalor and friends and family.

Books I recommend:

Buried in Treasures, Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving and Hoarding, Tolin, Frost and Steketee
Written by three researchers currently working with hoarders to find answers. Written to the person with hoarding issues, a self-help type format with many sidebars written to friends and family. Step-by-step approach with exercises in each chapter.

Digging Out, Helping Your Loved One Manage Clutter, Hoarding and Compulsive Acquiring, Tompkins & Hartl
This book is written to the loved one of a hoarder utilizing “harm reduction” techniques to “help your loved one live more comfortably and safely, salvage your damaged relationship, and restore your peace of mind.” Emphasizes a “team” approach with the hoarder, family, therapist and appropriate agencies. Planning worksheets.

Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding, Neziroglu, Bubrick and Yaryura-Tobias
Self-help strategies for the hoarder. Step-by-step approach with exercises in each chapter an individual can use to clear clutter and change thoughts and habits (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). 

Messie No More, Sandra Felton
One of several books written by Felton, herself a former “messie.” She also runs the Messies Anonymous website.

Online Self-help:
The Flylady,                                          
Clutterers Anonymous,
Messies Anonymous,                             
Clutterless Recovery Groups, Inc.,

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My favorite piano music to focus on a project, Rob Costlow:
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