I will be "retiring" from organizing by the end of the summer in 2013. 
I am still taking clients if projects can be completed by August 30.

For all clients: 
  • We start with a three-hour Assessment Session at the project site. Some situations require in-depth interviewing and/or coaching before work can begin so we may spend this time in conversation only, or begin the work within this first session.
  • At this time, I am making appointments for Tuesdays  and Thursdays between the hours of 9 am - 2:30 pm for three- or four-hour sessions. (If these hours do not work for you, please contact me anyway, I'm happy to refer you to an experienced colleague.)
  • Consistent sessions are vital to keeping the momentum of your project. Please schedule breaks, vacations or trips with me in advance so I can schedule other clients while you are gone. 

"Clear the Clutter" Clients
(Regular "de-cluttering" or creating of organizing systems and habits. There may or may not be large numbers of items, but the organizing will be done at a pace convenient to and acceptable to  the client. CC clients are always welcome to transition into "Big Push" clients!)
  • Three- or four-hour sessions can be arranged.
  • Preferably once a week until the project is completed.

"The Big Push" Clients
(For clients with large amounts "stuff" that need to be sorted/purged to make a home or office livable or usable again or empty a storage container, and accomplish this in a short amount of time. The emphasis here is to help you lighten your load and reduce the number of possessions that are impeding your ability to live your life they way you really want to.)
  • Four-hour sessions are preferable since more can be accomplished. 
  • Minimum 2 days per week, until the project is completed. 
  • Additional days and times can be scheduled with the use of additional team members.

Hourly rate: $90*/hour 
(* average rate for most projects. Use of additional team members is extra.)

Packages available to pre-purchase:
10 hour package at $900 plus one free hour. (11 hours, $90 savings)
20 hour package at $1800 plus 3 free hours. (23 hours, $270 savings)
40 hour package at $3600 plus 8 free hours. (48 hours, $720 savings) 

  • Assessment Sessions are paid for at the end of the first session at the hourly rate. 
  • A package can be purchased at the end of the second session
    and hours and fees paid previously will be counted toward the package. 
  • Packages are non-refundable and must be used within a reasonable time frame. 
  • If clients move out of the area, hours can be used for phone coaching or virtual organizing.

Call or e-mail me now if you are ready to get going! 
A 20-minute phone consultation is always available at no charge.


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