Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Deep Drawer Organizer for Bathrooms

I bought this wonderful clear acrylic bathroom drawer organizer at Ikea (Godmorgan, $17.99) a few months ago. I was trying to get some things off my counter and into a drawer in a very well organized manner so I could still grab them very easily.

I was curious as to how well I would keep it neat! Well, I am proud to say that this organizer works very well and since only one thing can fit in most of the spots, it's hard to get it too jumbled and messy. I use it a lot like the picture (this is from the Ikea website). My makeup brushes are in the section that stands up, one hair brush fits under it, and my little things like lipstick or other tiny bottles fit nicely in each cubby. It's easy to grab my stuff when I need it, and I find I like putting each thing back and seeing them all lined up neatly when I'm done.

Works for me! I'd give this product an A+ for form and function and the price is pretty good for a nice piece of acrylic.