Friday, March 02, 2012

Wow! (Bow-wow!) Save a Little Space in the Kitchen

If you are short on floor space, but already have an island in your kitchen, you may be able to convert it to a dog bed! In my kitchen,  and since we have small dogs right now, we could simply take the door off one cabinet and create this space. We did something like this in the laundry room for the cat. We took off a cabinet door and shoved in her litter box, which gave us some floor space back. I had a curtain on a tension rod on it for privacy but it kept falling down. We kept the door, so when we go to sell the house (after thoroughly cleaning the cabinet of course) we can put the door back on.

I was unable to find the original posting of may be a custom job and not available commercially. Yet.

And here is another one. This one you can read more about on the HGTV site.

And here's another idea...why not take one of those bottom drawers and make it hold the food and water bowls? If you have your dog on a feeding schedule, you can just pull it out for meals and then put it away when done. I'm constantly kicking and spilling my dogs' water bowls!

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