Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy June everyone! A wonderful idea came over me the other day about how to help people unclutter their lives. Years ago, when I first tried backpacking, I remember feeling the incredible elation that came from being able to survive for a few days with just this stuff on my back.

I swore I didn't need anything more than I could carry myself, and vowed to not collect so much "stuff" in my life. Now of course, I didn't pare down quite like that, and over the years, yes, I did manage to collect "stuff." But I sure do remember that feeling I had and the sense of freedom and empowerment.

I later became a park ranger, and met lots of people who lived without so much stuff. The land around them, the people they loved, the travelling they could do--these were the important things in their lives and their priorities kept them living light. (That, and the National Park Service salary!)

Getting back to that ethic seems even more important to me now--and I'm wondering how to help my clients get that same feeling--without having to actually go backpacking.

How about just walks in the woods? You're supposed to look at something green every now and then to clear your brain. Feeling nature under our feet, smelling it in our noses and hearing the natural sounds of life--all these things have always helped me clear my cluttered head--maybe it can help others clear their cluttered homes and offices?

Organize with Mother Nature? I think it could work.

The Mother Nature Organizer
Organize in Harmony

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