Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wrestling the paper tiger

It's everywhere. And they promised us a few years ago we would be a "paperless" society! Yeah right!

Here are a few quick tips about paper...

Don't let it in the house.
  • If you see a flyer for something while you are out, ask yourself if you really need the information or if you can look at it online later.
  • If you pick up your mail at the post office, take one minute to sort, purge and recycle it right there. Even all the envelopes. They usually have a recycle bin. Ask them to get one if they don't.
Recycle right away at home.
  • Have your recycle bin convenient to where you walk into the house with the mail. Stand (or sit) there and go through it right away, getting rid of all the junk and envelopes.
  • Have a bin or basket to then put all your mail in if you are not able to sort right away. Let everyone in the house know this is where to put the mail. (Fewer lost bills this way.)
More later on how to sort all the stuff and then take action on what needs action. (At the very least, have one folder that says "bills" and throw them in there.)

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