Friday, October 10, 2008

Calendar in your self-care

I'm a part of a small coaching group--we are all in a class together and we practice on one another. Sometimes, even though it's your business to help people find solutions, the same solutions can work for you, too.

I was having trouble finding time to relax and just let my mind be creative. From past experience, I know that my "bath time" is my special time to do just that. Just a long hot soak, some candles and maybe some chocolate.

My coaching buddy made a simple remark--"Can you put that in your calendar?"

Uh, yes. I can. And I did.

As part of my meal-planning/grocery shopping system, I write down on the calendar what we are having for dinner each night--based in part on how busy the day is and how late the DH works.

Well, there it was yesterday! A very, very busy day ending with my own DD's bath and hairwashing and I'd almost forgotten that it was my "bath night." (Rest assured, I do take showers on the other days!)

As I checked to see what I had planned for dinner (actually dinner out at Taco Bell since the day was a late one), I saw "BATH."

Thank goodness! I remembered why it was so important to get the DD to bed on time that night.

If I hadn't written it down, I may have forgotten my original intention and "wasted" all that time watching TV or laboring on the computer.

Instead, I got my special self-care time. And some cookies and hot chocolate, too.

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