Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Putting Your Affairs in Order

There was a column in today's paper about being "ready" when you go, especially if you go suddenly and unexpectedly, as Michael Jackson did.

An organizer/author friend of mine, Maggie Watson, has written a book that helps you do just that--be ready, that is!

A Graceful Farewell:Putting Your Affairs in Order is a wonderful workbook that you can help someone (a parent?) fill out so that everyone knows where everything is.

It even contains a CD in the back of all the forms so you can fill this out on your computer or print extra pages if you have more information.

I'll write a fuller review of it in the coming weeks...but hey, why not go out and get it right now and start filling it out? Your kids will thank you...and if you are helping your parents do it, you will thank yourself for saving yourself energy and grief at a time when you will need all your energy to help you get through the period of grief!

Product Disclosure
I received a free copy of this book from the author who is also a friend and colleague. I receive no compensation for this or any other review.

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