Sunday, August 08, 2010

Master Trainer!

Hello friends!

I have wonderful news! I have attained my Level V "Master Trainer" designation from the NSGCD! I had earned my Level IV "Coach" status last year after coaching a new student through her CPO-CD training, and my Level V status after having presented a training to colleagues, creating and presenting a new teleclass for the NSGCD and taking 10 hours of coaching training (I actually have far more than that...).

I immediately had my darling husband bow down to me and say "Yes, Master!" Well, we know how long that will last! :)

The certification director notified me over the weekend, so it may take a little while before it shows up on the NSGCD website.

Have a great week!

Margaret Pearson Pinkham, CPO-CD®
Level IV Coach
Level V Master Trainer

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Janine Adams said...

Congratulations, Margaret!! That's a huge achievement. You did such an amazing job in your Level IV coaching role that I'm not at all surprised you've attained Level V (the highest level)!