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Resources Mentioned on Call Kira about Aging

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Here is my list of resources for helping you in your minimalism journey, as I mentioned (or had hoped to mention) on Kira's show on Saturday, January 5, 2013. I'll post a link to the archive of the show when I get it.

Some resources are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, and some are national.

North Bay Organizers and Coaches,
A group of professional organizers and coaches in northern Marin, Sonoma, Lake, and  Napa counties (north of San Francisco).

A special shout-out to my colleague  Laurie Light, "Organizing with The Light Touch" in Healdsburg, who helped me with my minimalism research.

National Association of Professional Organizers-San Francisco Bay Area
Website with a search engine for finding NAPO members in the several counties surrounding San Francisco.

3. ICD
Institute for Challenging Disorganization,
Website and search engine for organizers trained in special issues in chronic disorganization: hoarding, ADD/ADHD, disabilities, traumatic brain injury, Asperger's, etc. Website also has numerous handouts you can download for free.

National Association of Professional Organizers,
Information and search engine for Professional Organizers across the country and in several other countries!

National Association of Professional Move Managers,
Information and search engine for professionals trained in helping seniors move and downsize.

6.  Becoming Minimalist,
Blog and free newsletter by Joshua Becker. E-books for available for purchase.

7. Miss Minimalist,
Blog by Francine Jay. E-books and paper books available. "The Joy of Less," available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble as a print book or e-book.

Very minimal blog by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.

The books I gave away on the show:

1. 10 Minute Tidy, 108 ways to Organize Your Home Quickly, Shannon McGinnis,, CPO.
2. 10-Minute Housekeeping, Rose R. Kennedy
3. 10-Minute Clutter Control, Skye Alexander
4. 10-10-10; 10 Minutes, 10 Months, 10 Years. A Life Transforming Idea, Suzy Welch.

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