Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The New Fridge and the New Habit

I am the proud new mama of a 4 door 21 cubic foot refrigerator! I fell in love with the idea of two freezer drawers on the bottom. I don't have to bend down far for most of my frozen stuff and I put the ice cream in the bottom drawer so I HAVE to work harder to get it!

I also fell in love with the idea of a counter-depth fridge since it is not as deep as most fridges. Yes, I lose some cubic feet, but in the end, I am only keeping cold (and can see and reach better) the items that are still fresh.

It took me a few days to slowly clean out my old fridge--and boy were there a lot of old science experiments hiding in the back!

My intention with this new fridge is to keep it clean, and filled with only EDIBLE items. What a concept!

I took a photo on its first day filled with fresh food and oh-so-clean.

I promise to post a photo of it (on or about) the first day of every month. You, my fans (fan?) can help me stay accountable to keeping this intention and the new habit of maintaining a clean fridge.

It's also my very first fridge that I have ever owned or lived with that has an ice maker (period) in the door and water in the door. Such a luxury this is!

Margaret Pearson Pinkham, CPO-CD®
Organize in Harmony

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Janine Adams said...

Margaret, that refrigerator is a thing of beauty! I don't have an icemaker, either. I bet you'll love it. I look forward to seeing your success in keeping your new fridge clean!