Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Senior Organizer Book (Sale!!)

The nice folks at Delphi Health Products Inc. just informed me that they are having a 40% off sale (until December 31, 2009) on their products if purchased from their website. Visit their site here:
In their own words...  
"Delphi Health Products, Inc. products are aimed at the large, "graying" baby boomer market. Our initial line of BioBinder products provides groundbreaking simplicity in "organizing" and "immediate" access to life's vital information"

I am most familiar with their book The Senior Organizer. This is a workbook of sorts to fill out with all your (or the senior in your life) important information–like medications, legal info, financial information and locations of accounts, etc.

It's a well-organized book and can be filled out by the senior or with the help of an adult child if needed. It's all valuable information to have at your fingertips even just on a trip to the doctor's and especially in the event of an emergency. Just remember, you (or a loved one) might not be conscious during a health emergency or accident, and this will help everyone involved know critical information and understand what your wishes are.

Think about it...I know I have several credit cards, while I use only a few of them. I'm the bill-payer in my family and keep track of all that stuff myself. If I suddenly wound up incapacitated for a time, my husband would be thrilled to just take a look at this one book and know all of our accounts. And visa-versa–he keeps track of all our retirement information, and if it was all listed here, I wouldn't have to search through his desk and closet and wonder if I'd found all the paperwork.

This would make a nice present to give to a mom or dad–along with the promise to spend time with them to help them fill it out. (Word of advice–if your parents are anything like mine, make sure you do fill it out with them to make sure it gets done. My own dad had a little "My Memories" book I asked him to fill out years before he passed away. I found it afterward, and he had only filled out a few pages.)

In fact, one of the authors, professional organizer Dorothy Breininger, remarks that she wishes she had had this before her own dad passed away in order to make the ensuing time easier for everyone.

Once the book is purchased, they advise you to fill it out in pencil since information changes, copy the pages and put them in a binder or download the forms available on their website–all great bits that increase the usefulness of this book.

Product/Service Disclosure
(Delphi Health Products provided me with a free review copy of The Senior Organizer. I receive no compensation from Delphi or the authors for my reviews or recommendations.)

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